Training them Up!

Guiding Today's Youth to be Tomorrow's Leaders

Our Purpose!


We are the organization that will pave the way to a revolutionary method of informing, equipping, and enabling the younger generation
1) to identify and meet their personal and community needs;
2) become community leaders with conservative values; and
3) expand our easy-to-replicate model throughout the United States of America.



Our mission is to teach young men and women the social, communication, and leadership skills that will help them
1) find their inner courage;
2) develop their character; and
3) become confident community leaders who stand their ground while maintaining their ethics and values.



We stand firm on the pillars of humility, righteousness, integrity, honesty, ethics, and servant leadership, all of which make up our core values.



Our purpose is to equip the younger generation to lead with the heart of a servant, shape the future, and leave the world a better place than they found it.

Our Mission / Goals



The Diako Group came about from an observation that our young people were not being groomed to take their rightful place 

in the community. Young people were not being taught the importance of giving back and being part of the community 

in a way that made the community a better place to live, work, play and raise your children.

Our young people need to be taught, encouraged and mentored to take their places as interns in legislative offices, 

Board members on local non-profit boards, assistants and aides to local City Council, School Board and 

Water Board officials. They need to be encouraged to use their talents to get their message out 

via social media, podcasts, radio broadcasts, blog postings and more.

If our youth are really our future then let’s not let them have to figure everything out on their own. Help us help them.

Diako will choose a small group of candidates every year to place in key positions with Local legislators, nonprofits and key positions in the community to learn how to make a positive impact.

These Young Men and Women will be taught in a classroom and real-life settings how to conduct themselves in meetings, on committees and with influencing decisions affecting their communities.
Top students will be sent to Patriot Academy in Texas to learn how the legislative process works. When they return … They will then be groomed to be true leaders for our next crop of Diako Candidates!

Thank You in advance for engaging in helping our youth grow to their full potential.


Student Workshop

Its not all done in the classroom The Diako Group partners and supports many organizations that train up our future leaders. One of our Goals is to identify that student or students that show true leadership capabilities teach them how to get their message out in this new digital world of communication and the help them Lead as they were called.



SUPPORT them, introduce them help them through training and mentoring to be productive leaders in the community, what are now known as "Influencers" ! Through the use of digital and internet media, through relationships with elected officials and through your support. Lets help these young people become the leaders they need to be.

Help Us Succeed !

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

The Diako Group is a 501c3 non profit all contributions are tax deductible.

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